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Applicants are requested to submit a typewritten or computer-generated form in English, providing the information requested below and listing each item separately, preceded by the number indicated.

Applications for grants may be submitted by mail, fax, or as an email message attachment to:

The Foundation for Adventist Education – Executive Secretary
25978 Broomere Ave.; Loma Linda, California 92354; U.S.A.
Email: [email protected] - Fax: 909-799-6209

  1. Date of the application
  2. Full name of the person(s) responsible for the proposed project or activity
  3. Mailing address
  4. Telephone and fax numbers
  5. Email address
  6. Degrees obtained, institution, and year
  7. Main positions held, institution, and years
  8. Current title or position and name of the employing organization
  9. Major publications and/or projects completed
  10. Name of the Adventist congregation of which the applicant is a member
  11. Name, position, address, telephone, and email of three professional references
  12. Name/title and dates of the proposed project or activity
  13. Brief description of the proposed project or activity for which a grant is requested, including:
    1. A statement of purpose for the project or activity (if applying for research funding, state the question for which you will seek to provide an answer)
    2. The name of other individuals involved in the project or activity, if any
    3. How the Bible and its worldview provide the foundation for the project or activity
    4. Ways in which the project supports Adventist core beliefs and mission
    5. The projected stages and time-table of the activity, including beginning and completion dates
    6. A budget outline for the project or activity
    7. Sources of funding and amount requested from the Foundation for Adventist Education
    8. How will the results of the project or activity be communicated and who will benefit from them
    9. The name and address of the organization to which the funds, if granted, are to be forwarded
    10. Other information that will help the Committee in arriving at a decision
  14. Attach a letter of recommendation from a specialist familiar with the proposal

Note: If the proposal is approved, the director(s) of the project or activity will be asked to fulfill two requests from the Committee:

  1. To list the Foundation for Adventist Education as one of the sponsors in all publicity, activities, and publications related to the project
  2. To submit to the executive secretary, not later than three months after the completion of the project, a report with an evaluation of the activities involved.
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