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Symposia on the Bible
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Symposium I (March, 2000)

Baldwin, John T. "The Bible and the Philosophy of Science."

Brand, Leonard. "The Bible and Science."

Brand, Leonard. "The Bible and Biology."

Chadwick, Arthur V. "The Bible and Paleontology."

Davidson, Jo Ann. "The Bible and Aesthetics."

Davidson, Richard M. "The Bible: Revelation and Authority."

Elder, Harvey A. "A Biblical Perspective on Disease, Health, and Healing."

Habenicht, Donna J. "The Bible and Psychology."

Haluska, Jan. "The Bible and Literature."

Kennedy, Elaine. "The Bible and Geology."

Kis, Miroslav M. "Authority, Bible, and Christian Ethics."

Rasi, Humberto M."Worldviews, Contemporary Culture and Adventist Thought."

Younker, Randall W. "The Bible and Archeology."

Zinke, E. Edward. "Faith: A Comparison of Humanistic and Biblical Definitions in Relation to Christian Education."

Symposium II (March, 2004)

Beardsley, Lisa M. "Spiritual Intelligence and the Bible."

Brand, Leonard R. "A Biblical Perspective on the Philosophy of Science."

Davidson, Richard. "The Bible and the Hermeneutics: Interpreting Scripture According to the Scripture."

Donkor, Kwabena. "Postmodernism: An Adventist Assessment and a Response."

Groot, Mart de. "The Bible and Astronomy."

Javor, George T. "The Bible and Microbiology."

Luxton, Andrea. "The Bible and Pedagogy."

Miller, Nicholas P. "The Bible, Law, and Freedom: Biblical Insights into Natural Law and Human Freedom."

Mundy, Bill. "The Bible and Physics."

Preez, Ron du. "Biblical Authority and Biblical Foundations for Ethics."

Rasi, Humberto M. "Faith, Reason and Choice: Loving God with All Our Mind."

Sabaté, Joan. "Biblical and Adventist Views of a Nutritionist's World."

Steyn, Delyse E. "The Bible and Media Literacy."

Zinke, E. Edward. "Faith-Science Issues: An Epistemological Perspective."

Symposium III (March, 2006)

Brand, Leonard. "A Critique of Current Anti-creationist Arguments and Creationist Responses, from a Biblical Perspective."

Davidson, Jo Ann. "The Inspiration of Scripture: Word Made Flesh."

Davidson, Richard. "The Role of the Church in the Interpretation of Scripture."

Fayard, Carlos. "Christianity and Psychotherapy: Clinical Implications from a Seventh-day Adventist Biblical Anthropology."

Gibson, Jim. "Issues in 'Intermediate' Models of Origins."

Lamberton, Henry H. "Human Nature and the Human Predicament: A Comparison of Views of Modern Psychologies and Biblical Faith."

McBride, Duane and Giem, Jacquelyn. "The Christian Church and Society: Some Functions, Dysfunctions, Conflict, and Interactions."

Matthews, Lionel. "Sociology: A Biblical Perspective."

Oliver, Anita. "The Metanarrative of A Biblical Curriculum."

Rasi, Humberto M. "Giving a Reason for Our Hope: Adventists and Apologetics."

Sabes, Jane. "Politics: A Biblical Perspective."

Winslow, Gerald R. "Christian Principles for Assisted Procreation: The Bible and Bioethics."

Zuccarelli, Anthony J. "Life Before Death: Contemplating Life When the Earth Was New."

Zuill, Henry A. "Christians and the Environment: A Biblical Perspective."

Symposium IV (March, 2008)

Bauer, Stephen. "Darwin's God: How Rejecting Design Impacts Biblical Theism."

Brand, Leonard. "Intelligent Design: Friend or Foe for Adventists."

Caesar, Lael. "Religious Faiths and the Problem of Evil: A Biblical Perspective."

Canale, Fernando. "A Biblical Epistemology for Adventist Scholarship?"

Chadwick, Arthur. "Paleocurrents and the Geologic Record."

Clausen, Benjamin. "Galileo: Revelation, Science, and the Church."

Esperante, Raul. "Time, Faith, and Fossil Whales."

Fortin, Denis. "Ellen White on the Search for Knowledge and the Experience of Salvation: Why They Must Go Together."

Gregorutti, Sylvia. "Linguistics Speaks to Biblical Interpretation, Creation, and Babel."

Pittman, Sharon. "The Biblically Grounded Framework for Social Work."

Rasi, Humberto M. "Adventist Education and the Challenge of Postmodernism."

Taylor, John Wesley. "Teaching Truth: A Biblical Paradigm."

Thayer, Jane. "How College Impacts Student Spirituality."

Thayer, Jerry. "The Impact of Adventist Schools on Students."


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